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worker compensation

Workers’ Comp

Compassionate Lawyer for Workers’ Compensation Cases in Merced

Every year, over 5 million people are injured at their workplaces. With numbers like these, it’s clear that employers need to be more careful about fostering safe conditions on their premises. Until that happens, however, injured workers can consult with a workers’ comp attorney for the representation they need. Canelo, Wallace, Padron & Mackie PC helps clients in Merced obtain workers’ comp, and we advocate for the medical treatment as well as the compensation you may be entitled to after a work injury.

Services We Offer for Work Injury Victims

Workers’ compensation grants medical benefits and wage replacement to eligible employees who are injured at work. Though it is seemingly straightforward, countless applications are denied every year for a number of different reasons. To avoid this, you can hire an attorney to help you throughout the application, and, if necessary, the appeals processes. A lawyer can also help in the following ways:
  • Complete all necessary paperwork correctly
  • Connect you to the medical care you need
  • Communicate with authorities regarding your case
  • Represent you in a hearing or trial
  • Advise you regarding the possibility of further recourse

Fighting for Your Rights as a Worker

Too many people are injured at work and forced to resume their jobs too soon or denied treatment for their injuries in the first place. Though infractions like these have serious effects on the lives of employees, they are not at all uncommon. That’s why Canelo, Wallace, Padron & Mackie PC fights for the rights of workers in Merced. If you need a workers’ compensation lawyer, we offer representation and advocacy. We also offer our services as a family law attorney to clients. For more information on how we can help, please reach out to us at 209-383-0720.