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How Much Will I Get Paid From Workers’ Comp

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Have you been injured at work? You may be worried about how you will pay for your bills and take care of you and your family. There are a few different types of workers’ compensation benefits that you may receive after you file your claim. The four types of benefits are:
  • Permanent impairment benefits
  • Weekly compensation
  • Payment of medical bills
  • Vocational rehab

Temporary and Permanent Disability

There are two types of disability that may affect your payment. Temporary disability is when you are injured but expected to recover. Permanent disability is when you are injured but are stable and not expected to recover.

Cash Payments Vary

Depending on a number of variables, your payment will vary. Currently the minimum payment in California for temporary disability is $175.88 per week, while the maximum is $1,172.57 per week. This all depends on the type of injury, the date of your accident and your earnings and salary.

Death Benefits

If you are a dependent of someone who has died in a work accident, you may receive death benefits payments no less than $244 per week and also a burial allowance of up to $10,000.
If you think you are eligible for these workers’ comp benefits or death benefits and aren’t receiving them, talk to a workers’ compensation attorney at Canelo, Wallace, Padron & Mackie PC in Merced. Our attorneys can help you seek the maximum benefits for your claim.